I’m a digital artist, singer-songwriter, author, musician, producer, photographer, painter and a former club promoter/party organiser and freelance journalist.  I’m also a literary editor and proof-reader and a wannabe interior designer.

I reached the age of 6o in November 2012.  Astrologically, I’m on the cusp of Scorpio/Sagittarius  and a  Water Dragon in Chinese Astrology.

I just so happen to be a masculine gay man.

I don’t have hobbies (the word is an oxymoron to me anyway), as I work 24/7 on my creative pursuits, even when I’m asleep!

I grew-up in the Bath/Bristol area of South West England, moved to London when I was 21 (in 1973) and got my first major record deal that year, with RCA Records.

In September 2019, I moved back to Bath, after 46 roller-coaster years in London.

 ‘The Hanging Baskets Of Babylon is now available to download and stream for just $10.

New Crescent Yard, my double compilation of home and demo recordings from the late 80s until 2013, is also available to download and stream for donations of only $5 or more.

DanMingo, my classic double album recorded in 2003, is now finally available to download and stream. It features Jon (Culture Club) Moss on drums, Jerry (Hawkwind/Hawklords) and Kit (Jethro Tull) Morgan on guitar and Winston (Massive Attack) Blissett and Dale (Amy Winehouse Band) Davis on bass.

Check it out on Spotify

A wide range of quality merchandise based on my photos and artworks is now available to order online.


Sex N’ Drugs N’ Sausage Rolls

A #Multimedia Collection Of Short Stories, True Tales, Artworks, Photos And Original  Music By Steve Swindells.

‘The Remote Control’.

 ‘The Topic Of Cancer’.

‘Children Of The Night’.

 ‘The Wizard Of Was’.

 ‘The Elysian Fields’.

 ‘Freedom Pass’.

Fresh Blood (The Reissue, 2009).  Sleeve Notes.

Messages (the reissue, 2009).  Sleeve Notes.

Another Entry In The Journal Of An Eternal Nocturnal

Shifty Shades Of Gay

Steve Swindells’ Sleeve Notes To ‘The Lost Albums’

When Whitney’s Band Jammed At The Wag

All Human Beings Welcome

The Baron’s Court

The Diary Of Tran Frank

Club-running, Concerts, Chords, Conundrums, Conceptions, Creativity, Coercion, Comfort, Cognac And Cocaine

Suicide Note And The Amateur Dramatic Society.  Part 1. By Richard Racket

 ‘Suicide Note And The Amateur Dramatic Society’, Part II.


All the stories together can be found on https://steveswindells.wordpress.com


Photographs, Digital Artworks And Multimedia

Canal Knowledge.  Grand Union. 2013 – 2014

Street life London. Instagrams from April – June 2014

iPhone Phinger Paintings from June 2010 -June 2014

Images Of An Indian Summer.  London Sept-Oct 2014

Barcelona. October 2014.

MGate – The Rebranding Of A Classic, British Seaside Resort.

The Towers Of London, Part 1.

2014 Revisited Via My Old iPhone 4S (which died). Part 1.

Mashups And Montages


My iPhone ‘Phinger Paintings’ are now available to buy as limited-edition prints


My soulful Xmas single is on iTunes!

It’s called ‘Shining Star (A Time Of Love) and it’s all yours to download for 99p!

My new album The Hanging Baskets Of Babylon is available to download on iTunes


My classic ‘Fresh Blood’ album from 1980 and ‘The Lost Albums’ my double set of songs (also from 1980), are also available to download on iTunes.

The CDs of the above are on sale in most online music stores.

My double compilation album New Crescent Yard is available to download.  17 tracks for $10!

Check a bunch of brand new, live tracks by to download by my ad-hoc, all-star jamming band The Plastic Sturgeons with special guests, former musical director for the late, great Amy Winehouse, Dale Davis, and Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd/Michael Jackson/Madonna), on bass.

I also reached #1 for the first time in The Reverb Nation Singer-songwriter Chart For London on 8.11.2013

My You Tube Channel 



Messages. Steve Swindells. RCA Records. 1974. Reissued on CD on Esoteric/Cherry Red in 2009.

Single: Shake Up Your Soul.

Two’s A Crowd.  Pilot.  1976. Keyboards. Recorded in Abbey Road Studio 2, produced by Alan Parsons.

25 Years On. Hawklords. 1978. Keyboards and backing vocals. Reissued on Atomhenge/Cherry Red 2009.

Live ’78.  Hawklords. Atomhenge/Cherry Red 2009.

Fresh Blood. Steve Swindells. Atco/WEA (Warner Music). 1980.  Reissued on Atomhenge/Cherry Red 2009.

Singles: ‘Shot Down In The Night‘ (also covered by Hawkwind) and ‘Turn It On Turn It Off’.


Chemical Romance.  X-Factor (yes, I thought of it first!) feat Carol Kenyon. Scorpio Records. 1982.

Giving Up My Soul.  Menage feat Mary Pearce.  SI Recordings.  1998.

Anywhere.  Menage feat Mary Pearce.  SI Recordings.  1998.

The Door.  Sacrosanct feat Loretta Heywood.  Chocolate Boy.  1998 (Y2K mix reissued 2001).

Hypnotised.  Sacrosanct feat Loretta Heywood.  Chocolate Boy.  1999.


In 1999 I became very ill with a serious, mystery illness.  This took over seven years to be diagnosed as pancreatitis (just before it nearly killed me). I was also diagnosed with emphysema (AKA COPD) in 2005.


The Lost Albums.  Steve Swindells. Flicknife Records. Released Feb’ 2012 and available on Amazon, Play.com, iTunes and all the usual suspects.

New Crescent Yard (download and stream only).2011: Steve Swindells.

Bam Boo. 2010. Steve Swindells. Ambient/chill/therapy.

The Enigma Elevations. 2009.  Steve Swindells. Ambient/chill/soundscape.

Element.  Earth Lab. 2006. Keyboards and vocals.

We Are One. Hawklords 2012. Keyboards.

The Hanging Baskets Of Babylon (download and stream only). 2015.

DanMingo (download and stream only)2017.

The four-track progressive/deep house EP ‘Chrystal Mesh‘ (2017), created with DJ/producer Findike, is also now available to download and stream –  and there will more house tracks coming soon. Here’s the next one: The first underground mixes  of ‘Only Love Will Win‘,  featuring the amazingly powerful and soulful voice of Bianca Kinane, are now released on Re-Fresh Music (Turkey).

Most of the newer stuff, and the reissue of Fresh Blood, is available to stream on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc and to download on iTunes, Amazon and all the usual digital suspects.








‘My Unplanned Obsolescence’ is a ground-breaking multimedia ‘autoblogography’ by my alter-ego Thom Topham and features 17 original songs as part of the narrative – it’s currently free to peruse in its entirety: http://thomtopham.wordpress.com/about

Hawklords was, of course, Hawkwind, and now its not! The never-ending, ongoing saga.

There are quite a few other records that I appeared on, like Skid Row’s first album (when I was 17) and String Driven Thing, but I don’t have, or know the details. Lost in the mists of time.

Apart from all that – just google me!

Love and peas!


All Original Content © Steve Swindells. All Rights Reserved.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Matilda Aya March 17, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    Saw you in the Community Pool. I look forward to your stories!


    • Steve Swindells May 3, 2013 at 12:45 pm #

      Thanks Matilda – just click the links above to read them. Steve x


  2. martinsmusic April 15, 2018 at 8:53 am #

    Steve, can you email me please regarding a recording you produced in the early 80’s which I have on a white label 12″. I’m after more details please and was there any other material from the session/s recorded? Thanks



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